New Purchases – W/C 02/11/14

Steam (£12.98 – £1.88/game)

Indie Gala – Every Monday 31 (£1.76 – 29p/game)

IndieGameStand (65p)

Humble Bundle – Indie Bundle 13 (bonus from last week)

Indie Gala – Every Monday 32 (£1.53 – 38p/game)

Bundle Stars – Razer Bundle (£2.59 – 43p/game)

Humble Weekly Bundle – Racing (66p – 33p/game)

Indie Royale – The Mixer 11 Bundle (£1.69 – 56p/game)



100 Word Review – #T29 – Gunpoint


Genre - Action, Indie, Strategy


DeveloperSuspicious Developments

Other Games by DeveloperFloating Point

My Playtime - 3.1 hours

Gunpoint is an entertaining little game in which you play a private detective with springs for legs and sneak into corporate buildings to steal their secrets. Each level has numerous paths to completion, from fiddling with circuitry and sneaking in unnoticed, to kicking down the front door and punching out every guard you see. The levels are generally quite short and reward creative thinking, and the game’s retry policy is friendly and helps prevent frustration. The only real issue is the game’s length, but with Steam Workshop support and a Level Editor, there should be no shortage of new challenges.

My Score8/10


New Purchases – W/C 26/10/14

Humble Bundle – InDIE Bundle #13 (£3.92 – £1.30/game)

Humble Weekly Bundle – Halloween (£3.24 – 81p/game)

Bundle Stars – The Carnage Bundle (£2.19 – 73p/game)

Groupees – Doujin Bundle 3 (£2.59 – 86p/game)

Groupees – The Bundle of the Damned 3 (£1.94 – 65p/game)

Indie Gala – Halloween ’14 (£2.37 – 47p/game)


  • SPACECOM (from Meadow (£10.99))
  • TOTAL – £10.99 (100% saving)



New Purchases – W/C 19/10/14

Steam (78p – 39p/game)

Humble Flash Bundle – Extra Life (£3.84 – 35p/game)

Indie Gala – Every Monday 30 (£1.58 – 32p/game)

Bundle Stars – Supernatural Bundle (£2.99 – 30p/game)

IGN Prime (free)

Groupees – Be Mine 15 (£1.94 – 32p/game)

Indie Royale – The Mixer 10 Bundle (£1.59 – 80p/game)

Indie Gala – Depths of Fear (£3.15 – £1.05/game)

DLH.net (free)

Bundle Stars – Phantom Bundle (£1.89 – 32p/game)

Humble Weekly Bundle – Get Your Learn On (£2.98 – 75p/game)


100 Word Review – #63 – Faerie Solitaire

Faerie Solitaire

Genre – Casual, Indie

Metascore – N/A

Developer – Subsoap

Other Games by Developer – FaeVerse Alchemy

My Playtime – 13.1 hours

This isn’t solitaire as we know it. All you need to do in Faerie Solitaire is click a card that is higher or lower than the last, and while this might not sound like much it is strangely addictive and keeps dragging you back for “just one more game”. Each of the numerous ‘levels’ contains 10 boards of solitaire and requires you to complete certain tasks to progress, such as a high combo or score. Unlocks and collectable pets are thrown in to the mix to try and add some content, but these don’t add much to the core gameplay.

My Score – 7/10


100 Word Review – #62 – Roundabout


Genre – Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie

Metascore – 78%

DeveloperNo Goblin

Other Games by Developer – N/A

My Playtime – 3.2 hours

Roundabout is one of the most ridiculous games I’ve ever played. You are Georgio Manos, the world’s first revolving limousine driver. You shuttle people around town, spinning, jumping and invariably crashing your way through a fun story with a great 80’s soundtrack. The cut-scenes are a particular delight – the acting is reminiscent of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room and is fantastic because of that. The game didn’t seem too long and I had finished it in 2.5 hours, but my completion was only 27.3%, so there is still plenty of mileage left. Not one too be taken too seriously.

My Score8/10




New Purchases – W/C 12/10/14

Indie Gala – Every Monday Bundle B29

Kiss My Bundles – The Freedom 8 Bundle

Blink Bundle – Assorted Games Bundle

Indie Royale – The Mixer 9 Bundle

Bundle Stars  - Destiny Bundle

Bundle Stars – Platypus Bundle


100 Word Review – #61 – Cosmic DJ

Cosmic DJ

Genre – Casual, Early Access, Indie

Metascore – N/A

Developer – Gl33k

Other Games by Developer – N/A

My Playtime – 1.2 hours

Cosmic DJ is a fun little music-making game with retro graphics and a fantastic narrator. You are given a set of six instruments and a choice of beat pads or a simple grid sequencer and let loose to make some “Sweet Jams”. It has a cool and well implemented feature that makes songs from the phat beats you weave and exports them to mp3, as demonstrated below. At just over an hour of gameplay, it is criminally short. It is early access though, and I hope that some more content gets added along the way to justify it’s price tag.

My Score - 7/10

This is the sort of tat that you’ll be able to spew out.


100 Word Review – #T28 – Lucius


Genre - Action, Adventure, Indie


Developer – Shiver Games

Other Games by Developer – None

My Playtime - 6 hours

In Lucius, you play a recently awoken Antichrist charged with murdering everyone in your grand stately home using a variety of exotic demonic powers. As promising as this sounds, the game rail-roads you into killing specific people in a specific order in a specific way, which cuts down on the enjoyment factor by a mile. That Lucius’ premise was so promising makes the fact that the execution was so poor rather difficult to bear. That said, if a Lucius rework or sequel was ever to come about, the fun factor would take huge strides with more of a loose structure.

My Score – 5/10


New Purchases – W/C 5/10/14

Flying Bundle 13

Indie Royale – The Mystery Bundle

Daily Indie Game – Super Indie Bundle 10

Humble Flash Bundle – KISS!

Indie Gala – Every Monday Bundle B28

Bundle Stars – Reboot Bundle 8.0

Humble Weekly Bundle – Nordic Games 2

Indie Gala – bitComposer

Humble Weekly Bundle – IndieCade 2

Indie Gala – Friday Special 6

Indie Royale – The Soapsuds Bundle


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